Best Halloween Costumes To Dropship On Your Store

Finding the best performing fastest selling costumes to add to your store for dropship can be quite the task. Much of the seasonal retail game is based on future predictions and past performance. However, thankfully with dropshipping you’ll hold no risk if you were to add additional costume styles and related products that may not end up being the best sellers, but still will increase your chances to make a sale.

Knowing what the best-selling costumes are give you leverage to target your advertising on what you know people want, therefore bringing more traffic to your website to not only sell costumes, but your other products as well. We already know how strong of a customer lead magnet selling seasonal product can prove to be.

We’ve compiled a short list of best-selling Halloween costumes based on ecommerce partners sales data, leading costume manufacturers insights, and the NRF’s annual Halloween spending survey.  Let’s get into it.

Dropship: Inflatable Dinosaur

This costume has continued to hold the spot for a hot selling costume thanks to social media, making it a must-have for dropshipping.

Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Dropship: Chucky Costume

A classic horror symbol which makes this terrifying ensemble — mask, overalls, and fake knife — one of the scariest Halloween costumes ever. 

Adult Chucky Costume

Dropship: Star Wars Costumes

Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and more. The Star Wars crew is always a good idea to promote. Star Wars is a classic that will probably never go out of style and will continue to sell well.

Note: we’ve seen a strong trend with matching human and pet costume pairs (i.e Adult Batman and pet Robin). You might want to consider cross-selling and up-selling pairs.

Darth Vader Adult and Pet Costume

Dropship: Frozen Elsa Costume

The Disney movie hit has added Elsa to the list of forever timeless Disney Princesses- this one is here to stay. Consider all Disney processes including Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and all others to be good choices to add to your product catalogue.

Disney’s Frozen Elsa Adult Costume

Let’s tap into the $8.8B Halloween market and start dropshipping. Happy selling!


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Dan Mirza

Dan Mirza

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