Top 5 Pet Costumes To Dropship

How do we know what costumes to dropship?

Costumes are a huge market… and we mean HUGE. Just consider the current $8.8B Halloween market with predictions to reach a near-record amount this year based on the NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Online search remains the top source of inspiration. When you think back to the swarm of costume photos flooding our social media feeds each year, it starts to make sense. 

Add the growth of the pet industry in the past five years coupled with the fact that Millennials are treating their pets like family more than ever before and you’ll reach the fact that the pet costume category is seeing immense growth.

So, we know costumes are a huge market and the pet costume niche is the fastest-growing category year over year. But how do we know just which pet costumes to carry on our e-commerce store?

We’ve compiled the top costumes to add to your product catalog that are sure to sell based on the National Retail Federations survey, costume manufacturer insights, and e-commerce owners. 

But keep in mind, being that you’re dropshipping costumes means that you hold no risk if you were to add additional costume styles and related products and is something we strongly recommend doing. As long as your product catalogue is easy to navigate, you’ll benefit from listing a wide range of costume styles to increase the possibility of a sale. 

Ah yes, the beauty of dropshipping. No inventory no risk. Especially helpful when it comes to seasonal products. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with excess inventory that won’t sell until the next season a whole year later. Ouch. 

Pumpkin Costume

The NRF found that 9.3 percent of people plan to dress their pets as a Pumpkin. Always a classic.  

Pumpkin Dog Costume

Hot Dog Costume

The NRF found that 7.2 percent of people plan to dress their pet as a Hot dog. This ironic costume is always a hit. 

Hot Dog Pet Costume

Superhero Costume

These include licensed costumes like Superman, Batman, The Incredibles, and the list goes on. Superhero is a popular category for adult costumes, so it’s reasonable that it will follow for pets as well. 

Note: we’ve seen a strong trend with matching human and pet costume pairs (i.e Adult Batman and pet Robin). You might want to consider cross-selling and upselling pairs.

Captain America Dog Costume

Toy Story Costumes 

This is a relatively new pet costume license, and it’s blown up since. When you see a furry version of the Toy Story gang with Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Bo Peep you’ll understand why. 

Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume

Disney Costumes

Princesses are big costume business and always will be. There are the classics like Belle and Cinderella, then there are the box office hits like Disney’s Frozen. These categories are huge in the adult and child costume space, and the same goes for pets. 

Cinderella Dog Costume

There you have it, the top five pet costumes to dropship in your ecommerce store. Again, keep in mind that you’ll benefit from listing a wide range of costume styles to increase the possibility of a sale. After all, with dropshipping there’s no risk. 

Be sure to realize importance in finding a dropship supplier in the same country where the majority of your customers are located. Selling costumes online require fast shipping speeds to meet customer demand from the last-minute shopper to the customer that needs a size exchange. You wouldn’t want to leave any sales on the table. 


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Dan Mirza

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